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What if I have zero experience with wood or metal?

Perfect! Our workshop caters for people of all skill levels, and while the introductory projects are substantial, they are suitable for absolute beginners. You'll be provided with instruction and guidance every step of the way.

What will I need to bring?

You won't need to bring anything but yourself -- all the materials and tools you'll need will be provided. However, do remember you will be taking your project home with you, though you can temporarily store it with us and pick it up at a later date if you need.

What should I wear to the workshop?

Best if you dress in something that covers your legs/arms and do not have very loose fitting clothes or any dangly objects. Long hair should also be tied back if possible (and we have hair ties here if you forget yours!).


Yes! You'll receive a safety briefing as part of your workshop induction, and before using any tool or machine you'll learn how to operate it safely and correctly. Our craftsmen supervise all machinery operation for introductory projects, so you'll never feel unsure. 

Where/When can I purchase a membership?

We're still on the hunt for our permanent workshop site, and a few weeks before we open, we'll be releasing membership plans and the ability to sign up. In the meantime, you can sign up to our mailing list to receive updates as they go live.