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We're all about skills - useful, hands on skills that you'll never forget.


We've gathered masters of their craft, with years of experience in shaping, forging and bending wood and metal to their will, and asked them to join Splinter & Callous as Craftsmen. They have invaluable knowledge that can’t be bought or absorbed through a YouTube video. It can only be transferred to you in-person, in a Splinter & Callous workshop. 

As you work through a project, you will learn and progress through various disciplines and levels of competency. Starting with the basics in woodwork and metalwork, then building up to more advanced skills such as lathing and milling. Our Craftsmen will be there with you every step of the way. 

Our list of competency levels gives members an overview of the skills they have learned, but most importantly, this system exists to make sure you have the correct safety induction and training to use the machinery safely. You will find these references used across our range of projects, so you can easily identify whether the project you are about to start is suitable for you. 

Woodwork - what you'll be learning in each level

woodwork levels vertical.png

Metalwork - what you'll be learning in each level